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The Exhaust : bending and fitting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Friday, 01 June 2012 11:02 here we go.

I've purchased 5 meters of diameter 50mm SS tubing with 1,5mm wall thickness, 4 off 90 degree bends, 2 off reducers from 65mm to 50mm diameter....and the central silencer.


I start by positioning the silencer snuggly inside the transmission has 25mm free space each side so I will have no risk of it banging against the carbody.

The routing of both connections from header to the silencer needs to be router above the gearbox support bridge :


Meassuring up the distance to the collector I can proceed to cut the first pipelenght...having deducted the lenght of the reducer, below some of the parts and the one of the prepared tubes from headers to the silencer, ready for bending.....the 90 degrees bends are for the connections tubes from silencer to rear tailpipes...


I quickly learn that bending 50mm diameter tubes "by hand" and some heating is far more difficult than the "lesser" tubes of the exhaust I decide to manufacture a bending tool where I can combine with added heating to the exterior bending surfaces to ease the operation and prevent the tube collapsing :


....but no good for two reasons :

The pressure point still leaves the tube "dented"...and furthermore I recognise that my approach is incorrect : First of all I find that the tubes connecting the headers to the central silencer needs bending in 2 planes ( which I just can't handle with my homemade bender )......and my start to "bend" from header towards the silencer is wrong.....I should have started from the silencer the result is rather disastrous....maybe I will later insert a picture of my first atempt.......sigh.

Ok, new tactics : I admit defeat and that the tubes from headers to silencers will have to be made by experts and their wonderfull machines.....but how to show them what I need  ?

What can I handle with my tools ? Yes, I purchase some lenghts of standard D50mm PVC tube as used in drains.....and set to bend by the simple methods of heating with a hot-air gun and the hands :

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