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The Exhaust : Done ! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Tuesday, 04 December 2012 18:00
I finally managed to complete the exhaust........

Having welded togehter the two lenghts going from the central silencer to the car rear by means of cut-to-lenght tube sections and 45º and 90º bends I can now proceed with the fabrication of the 3 supports, making use of the original anchoring points and spring-supports : A new double underslung clamp for the central support and two individual for the rearmost support...all in stainless steel and lined with woven ceramic.....

The header collectors, foremost tubes, the complete silencer and part of the rearmost tubing is wrapped in woven ceramic to reduce the heat ingress into the cabin in hot summerdays...and slow city trafic.

alt                                          alt



It is my hope that the central silencer will be enough to get the exhaust noise below the legal limit....however the exhaust rear tips can be cut to accomodate additional rear silencer units, one each side.
In any case a suitable exhaust tip will be fitted too, once the noise level has been sorted out.

Now I can finally fit the new wheels.....and get the car down on own feet again for the first time since....1999 when it was totally disassembled.

I will roll it outside and snap some pictures....and maybe do a video !

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 December 2012 18:24