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On proper legs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 16:07

The completely rebuilt suspension arms are re-installed in the car : new bushings and new sviwel joints will guarantee safe tracking.

Also new wheel bearings have been installed, however the original bearings proved too difficult to track down as the manufacturer SKF stopped the production of the bearings years ago. SKF was contacted : they did have no plans at all to restart production and no alternative bearing of any kind or brand would be a direct fit. SKF proved nevertheless that they are customer orientated : a technician did check on the matter comparing dimensions and load data and came up with a solution : the existing Lamborghini Diablo wheel bearing was found to be the best alternative, but they are 1 mm more in outer diameter and have 5mm less width. This was solved by increasing the hub bore and spring-clip bore with one mm, and adding 2 off 2.5 mm spacers.

At this stage, the dampers have not been changed. Also rebuilding them would be senseless : 4 different dampers were fitted and they were damaged beyond safe repair due to the frequent “of-the-road” experiences by the former owner !


And tracking down a modern type coil-over damper is proving to be quite a task !!

Last Updated on Friday, 17 December 2010 17:12