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Dragster headers do not fit.....yet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 16:09

One look at the original exhaust headers was enough to convince me for fitting longlasting stainless steel headers to this engine. Once the engine is secure in the engine bay any access to parts such as the headers is a no-go without lifting the engine out again.

Furthermore, the original headers were 2 off 3-1 on each bank, and then 2-1, each bank of 6 cylinders running to the rear with small diameter tubes and individual mufflers. This split system creates a exhaust note more as 2 off 6-cyl. engines instead of the howl of a V12.

I decided to fit 2 off 6-1 ram-tuned headers runing into one single large diameter tube to either a combined single muffler or 1-2 mufflers.


All stainless steel headers available in the market were copying the original pattern, plus a even more heavy price tag, so that was not the way to go.

After completing the ram-tuning calculations ( optimized for 5500 RPM ) I did commend myself into the task of learning good-old-days heat bending, using an oxy-butan torch.

Equal lenght pipes were first welded to a common 10mm 6-hole base-plate which would latter be milled down ( to 6mm ) on the engine side surface after completion of the headers to guarantee correct flat matching surface , and slotted to prevent heat distortion.

The straight pipe headers fitted to the engine made it look as a fullblown dragster engine, but it would for sure not fit into the engine bay !

Last Updated on Friday, 17 December 2010 17:13