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Toyota Hi-Ace Custom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Thursday, 12 March 2009 13:42


Toyota Hi-Ace Van back in 1977 !

The stock Hi-Ace had severe problems with side-wind stability, and could also be very unstable when hit by slipstream from trucks.
It would make 12 km/ltr at 120km/h, and 130 km/h top-speed.

Fed up with this I decided to do something about it :

I fitted enormous spoilers up front with a massive air-scoop for the engine cooling,  blueprinted and ported the engine-head and substituted the fixed fan with an electrical KENLOWE.

After that it would run very smooth and straight, make 14km/ltr at sustained 140 km/h and +160 km/h top-speed ( the gearing and RPM would not allow for more !! ) and beat a BMW at any time in acceleration !

How I enjoyed the awestruck faces in the rear-mirror!

I sold the car on at a good price, and last I heard of had been purchased by TOYOTA to find out what the heck made it run so fast !

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