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Gilera RC600 Enduro PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Friday, 03 September 2010 20:45
In January 1991 I moved down to north of Barcelona, Spain, and had the great pleasure of having mountains and forrest dirtroads at my back door....this was impossible to resist so I purchased a new Gilera RC600 trail bike, yes an italian bike ! I was warned by wise heads to buy japanese, but the Yamaha XT's, Honda XR's were not to my liking with aircooled engines, no electric starter. short suspension travel etc...but this RC was a dream machine, really !!

It had all the good features and a  torquey 4T 600cc engine that would spin like a 2-stroke making it fantastic on slippery dirt roads allowing for easy controllable drifting. Also it could handle though trial sections up the narrow and stony creeks....and moments later cruise at 160km/h on the highway on my way home.

It did also have a small fairing....but within days I got rid of that one after stamping the bike against a solid pinetree standing in my way in a twisty dirtroad...that event got me reforming the bike to Enduro standards, as shown on the picture below. In this disguise during the next 12 years I drove 30.000km in the Catalonian dirtroads, mostly those in the Pyrenees.....and also 5.000km following the Marroc Dakar routes in AUGUST....+54ºC temperatures in the shade...the XT's and XR's in our selected group had the fuel boiling in their tanks whenever they stopped. 

Did my italian Gilera fail me ?  NEVER ! 

Only "hickup" I soon found necessary to correct was a strange fobia this bike had from the first day against any water pudles or rivercrosings....immediatly the engine would stop.....and would only start again at safe distance from any water source !!  The culprit ? A tiny breather pipe going from the carburator down to below the reality this drain-pipe was sucking in air....or water if near..and this would go directly into the fuel blend and poff.....engine dead. The solution was an easy 5 bucks investment....and that was the last problem I ever had with this bike. 

The only letdown I ever had was when purchasing spareparts, even simple issues like filters, brakepads etc had several weeks delivery time...because Piaggio had the distributor rights....and they just didn't care at all for anything larger than their own scooters, so their indifference killed off Gilera.  

The picture shows the Gilera after the Africa Tour de Force.....I have to admit this bike was not restored....rather destroyed....but it ran like a bat out of hell !


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