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Rear braking power to the limit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 16:08

Even so the Espada is a car made for high speed cruising and capable of carrying also passengers and lot of luggage in the trunk, the rear-brakes are not furnished with a load sensitive brake pressure regulator.

A load sensitive regulator is now fitted enabling maximum braking force also to the rear wheels, increasing braking force with increasing load. Furthermore, when braking hard and the rear-end lifting, the regulator will reduce braking power accordingly.


The regulator is linked to the center of the rear torsion-bar center by means of an adjustable linkage as shown.

Correct setting and adjustment of linkage will be made on the road, aiming at having maximum rear braking power but NEWER allowing the rear wheels to lock before the front wheels.

Afternote : This regulator was removed later on....on second thoughts it is considered un-necessary since the reabrakes are not overbraking even in less-load condition. Anyhow, it can be refitted after test-runs if found necessary.

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