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Wellcome to the Espada Tech Site PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 21:02

Welcome to this WEB-Site dedicated to the Lamborghini Espada

This site is under constant updating by an admirer of this fabulous Gran Tourer

and whom is currently fully rebuilding and updating his own S-3

And by doing so he has achieved a vast amount of knowledge of the car

both good and not so good

and does wish to share this with fellow Espada nut's

and further wishes that the Espada

someday will be fully acknowledged as fully comparable

with its famous brothers from the same creator,

The Miura and the Countach

The aim of this Tech-Site is to be the reference site to visit when you need any kind of information on the fabulous Lamborghini Espada, and it will focus as much as possible on providing information for the Espada user for restoring or maintaining the car.
The idea of creating this Tech-Site dedicated to the Espada is born from my own experiences ( and sufferings ) made when restoring and updating my Espada : technical information, know-how, parts and cross-references are not all readily available for this car.
The fact that even the Lamborghini Factory do not have a complete and reliable fact-file on this car does certainly not help the matter, and it is not even readily available being most of it packed away in boxes and a lot was lost in a fire years ago. This was presented very honestly to me by Mr. Valentino Balboni during my visit to the factory for the 40th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini.
However, I am convinced that lot of useful information on this car is also available throughout the world in the hands ( and heads ) of current and former owners and also mechanics and restorers, and it is my humble opinion that all this highly valuable information should be collected and made available for all those that are in dire “need” trying to keep one more Espada on the road.
 It is a matter of helping others and they will help you also in return.

By opening up on the “secrets” and providing easy access to information i.e. on troubleshooting, correct set-up, spare-parts and cross-references, dimensional drawings, original sub-suppliers et.c etc. and also links to experts, workshops and specialists on Espada cars,  we can ensure to see more of this fabulous gran tourer on the roads, and not rotting away in was the case with my Espada.

Furthermore, a new generation of Espada owners are coming in : they are not necessarily
“millionaires” but they still manage to keep the cars running by “do-it-yourself” methods, powered by a real passion for this car compensating for the lack of big money.
This Espada Tech-Site honors also these people, by providing the information they need to keep their dream-car running smoothly and safely.

 My aim is to create the Espada Evoluzione, the Espada that could have been...if Lamborghini had just gone ahead.

The Lamborghini Espada deserves this.


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