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The Espada
The Lamborghini Espada PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lars H   
Thursday, 12 March 2009 13:36
A lot has been written about the Espada and more will be written.

It proved that a high performance can be successfully

married to elegance, comfort, reliability and seating for 4

And it was the most practical car of Lamborghini's

and the most sold !

And yet :

It is a car known mostly to only a very few !

Espada ?

Be invited to read about this fabulous car

Born as the result of a "bad experience" owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini produced its first car in 1964. Founded by wealthy industrialist (and former Ferrari owner!) Ferrucio Lamborghini the cars were targeted directly at the same market as the already famous rival, Ferrari. Initial models were the impressive 350GT and 400GT followed by out-and-out sports cars such as the 1966 Miura.


By the 1970's the firm was beginning to struggle and so it was purchased by French firm Mimram. Later the company was purchased by US giant Chrysler and then later by Volkswagen. Today the company continues to produce some of the most outrageous and awesome road cars in the world.

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